A Public Relations Decentralized Autonomous Organization

PRDAO is an automated freelancer platform for web3 projects which will utilize a bad actor grading protocol to validate the quality and impact of the work submitted. PRDAO makes it easy for Web3 projects or individuals on the Algorand, Ethereum and Solana blockchains who need additional marketing assistance to access this service when needed.

PRDAO will launch being able to accept Eth, SOL, and ALGO Tokens.

A marketplace for projects.

PRDAO allows people to pay marketing professionals and allows 95% of fee to go to the creators and the proofers of the final product. Marketing tasks can range from writing blogs, designing graphics, designing websites, consulting, managing the community, managing social media channels, interviewing projects on an established podcast, or even creating video content for your channels.

The multi-factor algorithms that PRDAO uses to distribute and validate work, are designed to create an honest and sincere submission for the reward of the tokens. The best tech can flourish or die depending on the quality and impact of their marketing efforts. But sometimes projects don’t want or can’t afford a full-time marketing team. In enters PRDAO, a decentralized marketing platform, run by the community, tokenized, and staffed with willing and able professional marketers.


Product Reviews

Feature one

Product Reviews

The process by which a task is submitted means that at least 3 other professional marketers have reviewed and scored the submission for quality and impact. Each Grader's notes will be included along with the submission of the final product.


Blog Post

Feature two

Blog Posts

Regular communication with their community is extremely important for Web3 Projects. Sharing updates and giving technical overviews of the project is important. Use PRDAO to create a steady stream of information for your community to help build users and investors for your project.


Translating Articles

Feature three

Translating Articles

Are you interested in reaching a different people-group and don’t know how? Use PRDAO and get your articles or social media posts translated into the language you desire.  


Any Marketing Task

Feature four

Any Marketing Task

Literally any task you need to be done can be completed with PRDAO. It only takes a few moments to list out the project’s requirements and the PRDAO community will take care of the rest.


PRDAO has 3 major versions planned, each will add additional utility to the platform.

Q4 2022- The MVP (V1) will allow for secure transactions in exchange for services for ALGOs and xSOL. This will allow the platform to begin generating a revenue even before the more complex systems (that are planned in the V2 and V3) are ready to be implemented.

V2 - The platform will add wallet connections to accept SOL and Eth in exchange for service. Additionally V2 will implement the bad actor and grading protocol.

V3 - The platform will include the smart contracts to integrate a launchpad for new projects. Allowing community members to invest in new projects as well as assisting them with marketing tasks.

Our Goal.

PRDAO will become the main stop for Web3 projects by providing an active marketing community who will invest their time and money into the projects success.


Why should a project use PRDAO over an established Web2 platform?

1. You can pay in Tokens, no need to use Fiat, open a bank account or use a credit card. Pay with Eth, SOL, ALGO or Hive and keep it all on the blockchain.

2. You get blockchain-native professional marketers who know the ecosystem and are more likely to become part of your community and become an advocate for your project.

3. Low platform fees and a decentralized grading system designed to give the project or individual, the highest possible submission through incentivizing high-quality work.

I am not incorporated, can I open an account?

Yes, you are responsible for your local taxes and government requirements as you always have been.

What if I just need a Moderator for the weekend?

Explain the task in detail and submit it, if there is a Marketer willing and able to work then they will accept it.

Why do I need to choose a level, isn’t that subjective?

Yes, the projects need to anticipate how professional the marketer should be for their task. Do you have high expectations and desire a detailed submission? Then you should choose a higher-level Marketer. If you choose an inappropriate level, the submission will be inadequate, or no one will accept the task due to the difficulty to pay ratio.

Still have questions?

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