PRDAO's Staff

Ryan Shriver

Ryan Shriver has been in marketing since 2004 and has owned a independent marketing agency since 2011. In January 2022, after having working with blockchain companies as their contract CMO, he started working on a way to incorporate blockchain technology into his field of study, Marketing. With a Bachelors of Business Administration and a Masters in Human Service Counseling, Ryan was keenly aware that human psychology was complex enough that building a decentralized marketing platform that not just handled transactions, but that could truly solve the problems he identified in the marketing world, would be equally complex technologically.  His brain child would later become PRDAO, the decentralized freelancer platform for marketing blockchain projects.

Muhammad Shahzaib

Muhammad has been developing apps and websites for 5 years and is a backend developer. Muhammad specializes in Angular, React, and Node. Muhammad is going the PRDAO project as a Partner.

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